Senior Full Stack Engineer (RoR + Vue or ready to switch)

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About Froonze

We are a small team building tools for Shopify merchants.
We bootstrapped our first app and currently dominate our niche serving more than 4000 merchants who love to use our app.
We achieved it without working crazy hours. Work-life balance is one of the biggest reasons why we started our company in the first place.
Now we are ready for our next big step - building a new app for a much bigger niche. We are confident we will dominate it too!
We are just starting out and now looking for talented individuals to strengthen our team and achieve big goals together.

The Role

We are a small team of 4 people who decided to start our own project - build a Shopify app. We chose a relatively small niche to compete in, so we could test whether we had what it takes to succeed. About a year later we dominated that niche! We are now serving more than 4000 merchants!

During that time, all of us have gone through impressive personal growth. We learned a lot. We got confidence.

Now we are ready to get into one of the biggest niches in the market. And eventually we will dominate it too. It will take a few years, but we know we can do it! We can do it only with your help.

What will you do?
  • Maintain our existing app and help build a new one.Β 
  • Create entire big modules from scratch.Β 
  • Tackle lots of interesting challenges.Β 
  • Help us reach 100k merchants!
  • As one of our first employees, you will be a very important/valuable part of our team, have lots of room to develop yourself and have a big say in the direction the company takes.

Who are you?Β 
  • A damn good full stack developer (senior level).
  • You are comfortable working both on front and back end, and can even contribute to UI/UX discussions.
  • Detail oriented, eager to learn and go deep, a team player.
  • You naturally like building and solving complex problems.
  • You’ve worked on multiple interesting, complex projects and you are proud of the way you built them.
  • Ideally you have a good knowledge of Ruby on Rails + Vue.js.
  • If you haven’t worked with RoR or Vue.js, but are very good at similar frameworks, e.g. Django + React, and willing to switch to our stack, we are open to consider.
  • Knowledge of ElasticSearch, AWS and deployment tools could be a big plus.
  • Good English is a must.
  • You are fine having 4 hours overlap at least with Vietnam(GMT +7) 9am-6pm

    Salary is negotiable.