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How to write Active record queries for multiple OR conditions on the same column ?

Jean Romain Krupa

Jean Romain Krupa

1 min read
Today I was wondering how to optimize this query that was not elegant:
MyModel.where.("column = ? OR colum = ? OR colum = ?", :value_1, :value_2, :value_3)

The SQL is:
SELECT "my_models".* FROM "my_models" WHERE (column = 'value_1' OR column = 'value_2' OR column = 'value_3')

You can change your query by using IN instead of OR :
MyModel.where(column: [:value_1, :value_2, :value_3])

The SQL is:
SELECT "my_models".* FROM "my_models" WHERE "my_models"."column" IN ('value_1', 'value_2', 'value_3')

Regarding performance it seems to be roughly the same depending on the DB you are using: cf stackoverflow thread
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